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Heating Pads

Electric heating pads, electric heating wraps, cold compresses, and disposable wraps provide soothing relief from muscle pain and body aches. We manufacture excellent models from brands like SoftHeat, SmartTemp, and Dunlap.
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SoftHeat SmartTemp

SoftHeat HP215-CAN Moist/Dry Heating Pad

SoftHeat HP215-CAN Moist/Dry Heating Pad SoftHeat Standard Moist Heating Pad with Aquifier Sponge and Auto-off with 3 heat settings... Model Number: HP215-CAN
Owner's Manual

SoftHeat HP218-CAN King Moist Heating Pad

SoftHeat HP218-CAN King Moist Heating Pad SoftHeat King Moist/Dry Heating Pad with Aquifer Sponge and Auto-off with 3 heat settings... Model Number: HP218-CAN
Owner's Manual

SoftHeat HP1000S-CAN Moist/Dry Back Wrap

SoftHeat HP1000S-CAN Moist/Dry Back Wrap Advanced Moist or Dry Back Heat Wrap Auto shut-off for safety One size fits all Longer reach 10' cord... Model Number: HP1000S-CAN
Owner's Manual

SoftHeat HP950-CAN King Size Heating Pad

SoftHeat HP950-CAN King Size Heating Pad King Size Deluxe Moist or Dry Heating Pad... Model Number: HP950-CAN
Owner's Manual

SoftHeat HP980-CAN King Size Heating Pad

SoftHeat HP980-CAN King Size Heating Pad Ultra Technology with 4 heat settings - King size Fully washable integrated pad for moist heat option... Model Number: HP980-CAN
Owner's Manual

SoftHeat HEW3000CA SoftHeat Electric Spa Wrap

SoftHeat HEW3000CA SoftHeat Electric Spa Wrap SoftHeat Electric Spa Wrap. SmartHeat Technology with 3 heat settings. - 2 Hour auto shut-off. - 3.5 times larger than a standard size heating... Model Number: HEW3000CA
Category:  Heating Pads

SoftHeat HP218S-CAN SoftHeat Heating Pad King Size

SoftHeat HP218S-CAN SoftHeat Heating Pad King Size Available at: Jean Coutu, Home Hardware, Lawtons, London Drugs, Walmart, Guardian IDA, PharmaPlus, Loblaws, Paragon, PharmaCHoice West, ... Model Number: HP218S-CAN
Category:  Heating Pads

SoftHeat HC1450CA SoftHeat Body Care Wrap

SoftHeat HC1450CA SoftHeat Body Care Wrap SoftHeat Body Care Wrap. - Relieves aches and pains. - Therapeutic microbeads provide dual sided moisture and flexible comfort. - 30 minutes ... Model Number: HC1450CA
Category:  Heating Pads
Owner's Manual

SoftHeat HC1475CA SoftHeat Neck/Shoulder Pad

SoftHeat HC1475CA SoftHeat Neck/Shoulder Pad SoftHeat Neck/Shoulder Pad. - Relieves aches and pains. - Therapeutic microbeads provide flexible comfort for the neck and shoulders. - 30 ... Model Number: HC1475CA
Category:  Heating Pads
Owner's Manual
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